Drama, Distraction, Work

A few days ago a friend posted something about having gotten back to work after all the drama, disease, destruction, and distraction. He was happy to have found his footing again by getting his head back into his work. We’re all a little better off for this because he does good work and has an important perspective about things that needs to get out.

But there was something about reading his post that made me wonder, why does there need to be drama —> disease —> destruction? What if they were just sources of distraction? What if they were sources of pain from which work serves as a distraction?

I wonder this because what he said I have heard before, worded differently, or noticed before, in terms of peoples actions. So many tend to become fixated in the feelings of being wronged, held down, persecuted, whatever as opposed to seeing the actions of others as simply self serving without thought or concern towards us. And this is what motivates most people, their own interests. WE play no role in their decisions. They are mostly oblivious to us, our hopes, dreams, wishes and needs.

Maybe the drama, disease, destruction trifecta serve to show us that work isn’t as bad as we thought it would be. This is usually the case after a particularly brutal session of self-destruction and self-deprecation. Work becomes the distraction for those things and compared to them, work is fine. It’s work, but it’s just effort and more or less painless, especially when compared to the self created suffering of drama, disease and destruction.

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