About Me


My purpose:
To help reveal the existing order through creatively removing the fog that tends to envelope living and nonliving things.

Personal Values:
Happiness, Passion, Activity, Honesty, Empathy and Open-Mindedness

  • Happiness – We choose our mood most of the time. Whenever I am able to choose, I choose happiness.
  • Passion – Doing things with all of your focus and energy frees you from all future guilt and regret because you will know that you have done your best. This level of engagement will help to facilitate complete experiences and allow you to work to your fullest potential at everything and at every moment.
  • Active – Being both physically and mentally active will improve the quality of your life. Physical activity will improve mobility and body awareness as mental activity will improve your conscious experience and alertness.
  • Honesty – A bi-product of passion, honesty with yourself and others is the foundation of any personal identity that will allow personal growth.
  • Empathy – One must engage others with awareness that they exist and that they experience reality in the same emotional and conscious way.
  • Open-Mindedness – The world is different with every change in state, yet life continues. There are few absolutes in the world and most things come down to choice. I may be better off making the same choice as someone else.

There are things that I am and there are things that I do. I hope I’m remembered for the things that I do.

What I am currently working on:

  • Growing the family acoustic panel business to generate a $100000 a year income
  • NLP practitioner certification
  • Consulting in the health, wellness and performance industry
  • Improve the experience of the world for some by helping them find their path

Before the end I will:

  • Write a book
  • Complete a solo 24 hour mountain bike race
  • Still be cycling within weeks of my death

Perfect future sees me:

  • Looking out from the deck of my house at a peaceful nature landscape
  • Holding the hand of my wife and partners, laughing smiling and dancing our time away
  • Doing the things that I choose to do
  • Working hard to increase my success by focusing on the things I can control

Friends say I’m:
Passionate, driven, determined, happy, funny, vibrant, caring and alive.

If you want to contact me:
email - patrick.mckinney@gmail.com