An Interview with Dr. Christopher Mohr

You may not have heard of him before but you’ve likely seen some of his work – he was the nutrition consultant for LL Cool J’s book “Platinum Workout”.

T-nation’s Chris Shugart asks Dr. Mohr to weigh in on a number of topics on this thread. I really liked his advice about low carb vs. low fat.

When looking at carbs vs. fat for weight loss, let’s look at some of the research. First, any reduced calorie diet is necessary for weight loss, whether that reduction comes from carbs or from fat. I understand that there are some intricacies with each, so I’m not recommending a blind reduction in calories, as long as it’s a reduction. I’m all about nutrient quality and would rather have folks focus on eating a high nutrient diet rather than looking for anything that remotely resembles a carbohydrate and acting as if it’s kryptonite.

Now, there are data supporting both lower carbohydrate approaches and lower fat approaches. That basically means whatever you want to believe in can work — and there’s data to support it. However, what’s most important, and this data has been shown most recently in a publication in JAMA, is adherence to a program. It’s not as much about carbs or fat as it is about you following something… anything!

Pick one, stick with it and you’ll get results.