The Best Piece Of Equipment

I have noticed a disturbing trend of people preferring to spend their money on better gear as opposed to better quality food. Some players won’t think twice about spending $200 on a hockey stick but will claim a good quality protein supplement costs too much money, or that better cuts of meat or good quality fresh vegetables aren’t worth the price. What gets to me about this attitude is that these players will become the food they eat – the body remakes itself out of the stuff it digests. The same cannot be said for the $200 stick – no matter how good it is, it will never actually become the owner.

A little apprehension is fine as I work for a company that sells supplements; I may have ulterior motives for suggesting them. But the cost push back I get from people when I suggest eating more plants is insane. Countless studies have shown the positive effect eating more vegetables has on the physical and mental development and health of all people so there isn’t any question about it, all people should eat more vegetables. You will live a longer better quality life if you eat more plants, you will have less cancer, have better functioning organs, you will be leaner and you will have more energy. There is no debate here, these are facts.

The shortsightedness of favoring gear over good quality food means that the one piece of equipment that controls all of the gear ISN’T as good as it could be; the body doesn’t move as well as it could. This has a negative impact on how the great gear performs so the competitive advantage that could be gained from better quality equipment is lost because the players aren’t looking after the best piece of equipment they have – their bodies.

You get one shot at life with this body so do the right thing and treat it like the best piece of equipment you own. Remember, it’s the only piece of equipment that you can’t replace!