5 Things To Live By

Five things that could make your life easier. 

Accept the world for how it is. Seeing the truth and accepting it will improve your productivity dramatically. When you stop fighting against reality you are free to work with it to improve your experience in the world.

You cannot control the world so focus your energy on things that increase the chance of you being successful. There is such a huge interdependence with all things on the planet that it is impossible for you to control the world. Accept this and focus your energy on the few things that you do have some control over – your thoughts and your actions.

Listen to other people because you will learn something and because it makes the other person feel useful. Almost everything you know you have learned from another person. When you shut your mouth and listen when people are talking you will open yourself to new lessons. You’ll also be giving them the opportunity to clarify and consolidate their memories while feeling they have value for having given their input.

Rarely give unsolicited advice and when giving advice accept that the other person isn’t going to follow it. Unsolicited advice doesn’t cost anything and is therefore viewed as worthless; so don’t expect anyone to action on your worthless opinion. If you want people to do what you say make them pay you to tell them what to do.

Do it now. When we say we’ll do it later we are conceding that it isn’t a priority; what reason do you have to believe that it will become a priority at some point in the future? If you are going to table an action until later, make sure you table it to a specific time and not just “later”.