Positive Experience – Meeting LMI’s Glen Ostergaard

I have been teaching LMI’s RPM for the last 3 years – it was the first indoor cycling certification that I received and it is where I meet and fell in love with Rachel. There were two key figures for program at the time, Glen Ostergaard for New Zealand and Dan McDonogh from Canada.

On Friday morning when I was walking down Front Street near the Toronto convention center I noticed a group of 4 or 5 people that looked very familiar. I made eye contract with one of them and found myself saying “Glen” and walking over to him with my hand extended. We walked over to me with the hey do I know you look on his face and hand up. We shock hands and I told him that I loved RPM, loved what he was doing and asked him if he liked Canada – yeah, it’s a little silly but I tend to ask anyone who is from another country if they like Canada because I think it’s the best place in the world. He said he did, and asked what classes I was going to be taking the next day. We chatted briefly about nothing in particular, exchanged names and I thanked him for his time and for RPM. He smiled and said “your welcome”.

It was an amazing experience because I have tried to model the way I teach after the way Glen instructs and because he was really cool about it. I’m sure it gets annoying to have people come up to you like they know you but I tried to let him know that he had made a positive impact in my life through RPM so I don’t think that is as hard to deal with hearing – frankly, I can’t think of anything that I would rather hear than “you have had a positive impact on my life”.

Thanks Glen, you made my day!