Quitters High

I laughed my ass off at work yesterday when Adam mentioned to me that I was on a quitters high. I had no idea what he was talking about so when I asked him he said “this is your last week and you’re just kind of floating through the gym, happy, like there are no consequences” and he was right. I’m riding a wave of positive energy, much like how things were when I started working there.

Which is too bad because it would be cool if I had felt this way all along as opposed to just the beginning and end. And I have a feeling that the only reason why it wasn’t like that is because I made the decision to not let it be like that. Which is kinda annoying because it’s a clear indication that I still have a ways to travel on my journey towards enlightenment.

In truth, there were only 1 or 2 issues with work that made it too much for me to continue doing but they are things that are not going away. I liked the members, staff and facility – the physical things in the place. I didn’t agree with their business model and the behavior required to work within this model – abstract things. It would be safe to say that I’m glad to be getting away from a place that doesn’t afford me that autonomy I need to find satisfaction in a job. If I was allowed to run the business the way I want to run it, I would still be working there next week.

I’m on a quitters high because I now have the autonomy to be myself again and this just happens to be happy and carefree.