Therapy Is A Good Thing

Therapy works. Talk to people who have seen a therapist, joined a self-help group, or counseled with a qualified spiritual counselor and you will always hear positive things about their experiences. If you are open minded and follow the guidance of the therapist you will gain insight into your life. This is a good thing! Your improved ability to engage the world productively will transform your life completely. There is a freedom and lightness of responsibility, a sense of liberation, a rebirth into a world now understood and no longer resisted.

People moving through the experience of self discovery view it as a good thing, after they pass the threshold of it making a difference. It’s hard work to tear down a world view that has been forming for 20+ years. People resist that kind of change. It hurts, it requires energy, it runs against our immediate needs in both reflex and survival. Many will walk away before they hit the threshold. For them, old programs make a resurgence and press pause on the treatment. Understandable, but unforgivable when you realize what is being sacrificed. You shouldn’t walk away from recovery.

For those who see it through and break through the clutter and noise, the world beckons forward possibilities thought impossible, if thought at all, months before. It comes down to one moment when the light goes on and you see everything clearly. You work at it for months for that instant when everything changes. A switch flips and you are transformed. Eyes open, seeing the world simply as it is. You can’t go back to not knowing so you move forward and do what you now have to do.

What this means and what this will feel like is going to depend on how damaged you are; although it doesn’t really matter if you are recovering. Once you accept the help of a qualified therapists they will guide you through it and you will get better. Therapy is a good thing.