“Stop Making Excuses For People”

My mom was almost yelling it. My ears felt like they went back the way a cats do when you sing to it. I rarely feel a wall of anything other than joy coming from my mom so when the chill hit me I shut my pie hole.

I thought we had been talking about the way past experiences can manifest themselves in the present and that by understanding ones past relationships of significance you can make a good prediction on future behaviors and get a notion as to why someone may act in particular ways. Valid but basically trivial information to me in every case other than my own life. It’s potentially damaging when it is used to explain away an action that had a negative impact on me personally.

In the theater of recovery, it’s therapy information. In the theater of a relationship / friendship, it is an excuse for things to remain exactly the same.

“Okay” was what I said when it was safe to say anything at all. Life can shape people in a particular way but they choose to act as they do. It’s better to leave them alone, stop making excuses for people and let it go.