DJ Tiësto – Just Be

Tiësto – Just Be – via Youtube

you could travel the world
but you can’t run away from the person
you are in your heart

you could be who you want to be
make us believe in you
keep all your light in the dark

If you’re searching for truth, you must look in the mirror
and make sense of what you can see
just be
just be

they say learning to love yourself is the first step
that you take when you want to be real
flying on planes to exotic locations
wont teach you how you really feel
face up to the fact that you are who you are
and nothing can change that belief
just be
just be

cause now i know
it’s not so far to where i go,
that I respond, it’s inside me
i need to just be
just be
just be
just be
just be

I was lost and I’m still lost
But I feel so much better

i need to just be…
just be…

This is the racing track on the most recent RPM release (number 54 and 21st since I started teaching). I first heard the song right before I left for my east coast trip with Deb a number of years back and it was loaded onto my mp3 player. Then the plane was my car and the exotic locations were PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In the time between then and now, the plane became whatever compulsion I could indulge and the location was the off baseline state of mind that it create. Now I have settled on simply accepting what my parents created as being worthy of all the love I have to give.

It’s a beautiful song with an important message that was lost in the fog for more than half a decade.