“How to Be a Loser”

How to be a loser by Darren Hardy is an ironic post that offers up some success tips by letting you know what you need to do in order to not be a failure.

  • Take it day by day. Don’t bother with setting goals, making plans and preparing. Just wake up each morning and figure out what you want to do then.
  • Seek comfort. Growth and progress requires work, stress and struggle. Forget it. Stay comfy instead.
  • Don’t believe in anything. It’s easier to be cynical. If you believe in something you’ll have to do something. It’s easier to point out what’s wrong with something. Then you’re off the hook.
  • Be heard. You have a voice—use it often. Be sure to tell your story, no matter who is talking and what the topic is.
  • Avoid failure. The best way to avoid pain, rejection and failure is to not try at all.
  • Sleep in. Hey, you don’t want to accomplish much anyway, you might as well sleep in. Let the early morning strivers clear out before waking.
  • Don’t let others mess you up. Just take care of No. 1. Family, friends and other relationship require effort, sacrifice, being inconvenienced and doing things and listening to things you don’t want to. Who needs that?
  • Be blameless. If you never step forward and take responsibility, then you can never be blamed.
  • Defend yourself. Your view and opinion should be protected in every instance. Don’t let something you disagree with go undefended. Prove yourself always.
  • Protect yourself. Keep your guard up. Trust no one. Love no one. Those you let in might hurt you. Keep a wall around your heart. It’s safer that way.
  • Expect to lose. If you expect it, you can’t be disappointed right? Don’t put yourself at risk by having high expectations. Expecting to win and for good things to happen puts pressure on you and makes you face self-doubt, angst and tension. Just surrender early. Then the pressure is off.

It’s a great list and it comes down to two things for most people, don’t put in hard work and continue to do the familiar.