Apollo 13 – Lessons

I have two favorite movies, Fight Club and Apollo 13. Much of this blog has been about the wisdom that Fight Club relates so I figured I should give Apollo 13 its shot. Below are some of the lessons that I gained from watching the movie a few hundred times!

  • When you don’t need to do anything, don’t. Tweaking for the sake of tweaking is pointless and lowers the predictability of outcomes. Change only the things that need to be changed and change them in ways that give you the outcomes that are useful.
  • You can complain to the world all you like, but after all your complaining, the world is exactly the same, you just have less time to come-up with a solution.
  • Sometimes life has a funny way of working out for you. Just do your best and see what happens.
  • Really complicated things tend to blow-up. The same is true for training, diet, thought patterns and ones understanding of the world. The more complicated the thing you are about to do, the more likely it is to suffer a catastrophic failure. Whole food is better than a complete regiment of supplements, hard work has a greater likelihood of generating success than the perfect program, transacting with the truth and being integrity keeps life very simple with less drama.
  • It doesn’t matter what something was designed to do, what matters is what it CAN do. Be creative with things and you’ll come-up with some fantastic solutions to problems.
  • Human beings are at their best when faced with a challenge of emergency. Sad but true. When all hell is about to break loose, we tend to find the answers we need to address our biggest problems. But the answers were there all along, we just were not motivated to find them for some reason.