Why I Encourage Optimized Nutrition

I am a dogmatic advocate for people eating more vegetable, more protein, less sugar, more fish oil and never being stuffed. Speaking from personal experience, client experience and a lot of research, my stories are animated, passionate and authentic:

“Sugar is an addictive poison that ruins human health”

“Eat things that look like food or that you can identify in the produce section or at a butcher shop”

“Consider the impact of corporate profit when making a decision of what you should buy and eat.”

“The food we eat is the primary thing on earth that eventually becomes our bodies. Choose wisely or risk turning your body into a low quality piece of shit.”

“When someone eats more than that occasional crappy meal, they are making the statement that they don’t care that much about their future selves or about the people who look up to them.”

These are truths that people despise considering.

I get it, ice cream and pie taste great, eating chips can be very satisfying for many people, beer does make any sporting event more exciting to watch and wine can help you to be the life of the party, but these things have been proven to be less than optimal for human health; too much of them will hurt you, ruining your life and eventually being the cause of your death.

This knowledge is not new, nor is our addiction to these things. Consuming low quality, low nutrient, high energy food-like products is quickly becoming a key reason for ill health and lost potential. The science supports this, the subjective reports of those who make eating for optimal health a priority support this, my own experience supports this.

When someone goes from eating like crap – an average north American diet – to eating appropriate amounts of real food, they all report improved energy, clearer thinking, reduced body fat, boosted performance at work, the bedroom, where-ever, improved circulation, a stabilization of improved and energy, increased ease of life, reduction in stress and a dramatic boost in vitality. Their life improves in almost every measurable way.

I want an optimized nutritional life for everyone for a few reason:

  1. Having more people who are highly productive will increase tax revenue which hypothetically will reduce the amount of tax everyone has to pay.
  2. Healthier people tend to be happier people, so the collective mood of our culture will improve if people optimize their nutrition.
  3. Given the energy sapping and negative impacts on cognitive function created by crappy food, more of humanities creative, intellectual, and industrial potential will be actualized when people eat appropriately.
  4. I want to be part of the positive change in peoples lives because that is a big part of my purpose.
  5. Watching people destroy their futures can be tough and I find it hard to hold those who eat poorly in the same regard as those who eat for health.
  6. Children learn from watching their parents, so the more parents who eat good quality whole food, the greater the number of young people who will learn to eat good quality whole food.

The evidence is overwhelming, improve you nutrition, improve your life and improve the positive footprint you have on your world. Or keep low quality food-like stuff and suffer from low energy, disease and wasted potential. Now what are you going to choose?