What Is My Purpose And What To Expect From Me

What is my purpose?

I followed the instructions on How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes by Steve Pavlina and came up with “my purpose in life is to try and create beauty were only its potential exists”.

But what does that mean exactly?

For me beauty is many different things:

  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Vitality
  • Satisfaction
  • Actualizing potential
  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Efficiency
  • Symmetry and balance
  • Spontaneity
  • Fluidity of motion
  • Confidence
  • Love

Examples of things I think are beautiful:

  • Good posture
  • Teaching / learning a new task, refining the task and then successfully using the skill
  • The way new mothers look at and engage their children
  • Good scenery
  • Sunshine
  • Laughing
  • Gratitude
  • Creating something – art, pottery, music or writing
  • The prefect line through the trail / down the hill
  • The way people look when they’ve lost a lot of weight
  • The look when someone achieves a goal
  • Seeing two people who are in love
  • Observing two adults engaging each other in a conversation
  • Empathy
  • Synergy or serendipity
  • Open mindedness and non-judgment

Ways to create beauty in the real world:

  • Help someone lose weight
  • Help someone achieve something that they want or one of their goals
  • Help someone increase their energy
  • Make something out of nothing – art, music, and writing
  • Help facilitate a new experience
  • Confirm something that people want to be true
  • Help someone achieve a Zen or flow state
  • Introduce someone in their passion
  • Indulge someone’s passion
  • Have or help someone else have an epiphany
  • Help someone learn something
  • Get someone moving
  • Engage the mind of the willing
  • Make someone laugh
  • Make someone smile

From a practical stand point, everything I do should be facilitating one of these things. Otherwise, I’ll be deviating from my ideal life path and creating karma.

Now as interesting as this whole experience has been, now I am left to wonder and see what I do with this knowledge.

Update – like many articles, I’ve sat on this one of a few months because it didn’t feel finished. It was written in the middle of February 2007 so I’ve had the opportunity to integrate the new information into my world view and to make manifest this understanding. Well, how am I doing? It’s tough to say, but I think it’s going alright.

I’ve see the value of the classes I teach to the participants so I try to get them to have that “oh my God I CAN do this” experience. One person has related to me that they had it, that they “haven’t worked that hard since high school”. That’s delivering one to the gate and allowing them to take the steps in to improve their own life. I felt really good when they told me that it had impacted them so strongly.

I’ve engaged the mind of the willing and let mine be engaged. Rachel and Des have thrown a number of new ideas my way and they’ve changed the way I view the world. These interactions are mutually enlightening.

I’ve become a lot less judgmental, particularly of myself. Learning that I desire to try and help people framed a lot of my history in a different light, one that I have an easier time accepting as a reflection of my true nature vs. the seemingly randomness of my past decisions. There is continuity to my choices and I can understand why I found so many of them unfulfilling, I was hoping that people would be successful as opposed to being happy that I tried to help them achieve success or a new level of awareness.

I’ve had to learn to keep smiling during class so that has made me happier. I’ve also had to perfect and model body position on the bike which has improved my posture. A lot of my coaching to the participants has to do with “keeping proud posture” and being strong while driving power to the peddles.

There’s a lot less cognitive dissonance in my life now, so, if for nothing else, Steve’s exercise has been worthwhile because my life has less stress in it. But since I have taken a lot more out of it, his exercise was been one of the most valuable experiences facilitated by a web page I’ve ever had.