New Starts and Falling in Love With The Future

I’ve taken a couple of day’s off from blogging to find myself again.

I wasn’t as lost as I was over the last 3 decades, but I’m starting a new job today and tend to find my mind wondering on all the possibilities of what it could become. I am a dreamer and I love to dream, even when I’m awake and particularly when I start something new.

I’m not sure how the new job is going to impact what I write, or how much I will write, but I know it’s going to influence things. New experience delivers us to new knowledge and if you keep your mind open, eventually to wisdom. I’m hoping to learn a lot and nurture a new level of self-awareness.

I’m happy about getting the job. I got the lead from an old friend I reconnected with on Facebook – so already there’s some new wisdom as I’m going to have to edit my unpublished draft of my article what Facebook is good for to include helping you find work.

You could say that I have that falling in love feeling again because I’m filled with optimism and excitement. There are a bunch of new experiences waiting for me in the next couple of months and I’m probably going to lose myself in a lot of new challenges. There’s the usual apprehension I have when I’m about to start something new, but given what I’ve learned about myself since taking the RPM training in February, I know I just need to take a deep breath, exhale and walk through the door. I can’t predict the future so I’m not going to try. I’ll be successful and right now I have no idea exactly what that will mean in this circumstance.

What will be will be.