The majority Is ALWAYS wrong, therefore DO THE OPPOSITE!

10 Important Lessons by Charles Staley was posted in a while back. There are some great lessons there but the one that resonated with me the most was his first:

1. The majority Is ALWAYS wrong, therefore DO THE OPPOSITE.

I consider this idea to be my central operating paradigm in life, and rarely have I found it to not be the case. Even if you apply this concept absolutely, across the board, without critical thought, to every aspect of your life, you’ll end up better off.

Here are but a few examples:

— The majority of people have no goals. Therefore, establish goals for yourself.

— The majority of people don’t train. Therefore, train.

— The majority of people think that seeing their doctor regularly is essential for optimal health. HAVING GOOD HEALTH HABITS is essential for optimal health.

—The majority of people don’t plan for their future, and end up unprepared for their retirement. Therefore, prepare for your future.

—The majority of people watch TV for several hours per day. Therefore, don’t watch TV.

—The majority of people spend many hours per day in a seated position. Therefore, spend more time on your feet.

It is an interesting way to look at things – doing what the majority do is a great way to be average.