A Note From The Recovery Road

Got a great email from friend the other day. She is one of a group of about 5 people I am fairly close to who ended a long term relationship in the last year – a marriage of more than a decade. Her reply was in response to a message I sent talking about a sense of having forgotten who I was and having very few clear memories of the preceding 6 months. I love what she says, particularly about transition friends can be here today and gone tomorrow. In these times of regrowth, we take was we need from where we can get it. It can come from unexpected places and doing unexpected things.

Yes it sure has been a wild ride for me and I am getting my life back together. You mention the spring, but I think the whole year has been a blur, for me at least! The waterfront trails are amazing and you are more than welcome to drop by. I sent you a few pics last night. I have been there for 2 weeks now.

I know exactly what you mean by losing interest. I went through the same thing. It does come back though. I have had a couple people at work telling me that they think I am sharper at work now. I think your personal life tends to overlay over your professional life even if you don’t want it to. Time does heal and I know what you mean about losing your identity. That is why I am open to new experiences now and this is about self discovery. And I will be going camping for the first time in my life this week end with a girlfriend and her family. I know nothing about it, but I am keeping an open mind. At least I will try it.

There are times when I feel like I need someone and the loneliness comes in, but I can divert myself and when the time is right, I will meet someone. You can’t force it and should not need someone there. But this is when friends can play a big role. And these transition friends may be here today, but not here tomorrow.

Keep your spirits up and keep working on the family business and everything will fall into place like it should. It all works out in the end. Do enjoy your summer and your time outdoors, since it is really short.