Making It Real So Logic Can Crush it!

And we pick this one up mid way through:

…so here’s the thing about the challenging conversations – they are what extract the lessons from our pasts. We need to mine our minds for the wisdom. And that requires cracking a sometimes stable state of mind by blasting into it with anxiety, insecurity, and most important, a voice with volume.

Life can be a shit ride when we bathe in our own life filth. Sometimes we gotta wash it away by giving it to someone else. But others tend not to embody it when we give it to them. Instead, it rinses off a similar film that they have been carrying.

At least with those who see that they have work to do.

When you give voice to those feelings, you build a shield to them. When you silence them like they have no right to exist you embolden the mind to stay with them and make them a reality.

You spoke last night with some encouragement and we still danced, ate and had fun together. Imagine the evening if those thoughts had sat on the tip of your tongue and never moved…