David R. Hawkins’ “Hierarchy of Levels of Human Consciousness” – Revisited

If you haven’t seen and read David R. Hawkins’ “Hierarchy of Levels of Human Consciousness” I encourage you to do so. And do so again if you have seen it before. I first re-posted the list on January 30, 2007. That was at the end of my first month of blogging and I hadn’t figured out what blogging meant to me so I didn’t consider writing any of my thoughts about what level I was on. Too bad because it would be interesting to read them. I’d pin me at pride or courage, but that’s looking back 4.5 years.

I’d say that I float between willingness, acceptance and occasionally flirt with reason. I find it interesting that there are certain areas of my life were it would seem I act with reason in mind, while other areas I’ve only just gained a willingness to work with it. I don’t recalling thinking that I existed on different levels before.

It seems like automatic or behaviors learned before a few years ago tend to be less evolved. The majority of my new behaviors serve to help me achieve a particular goal and some of them are motivated by a spontaneous and mindless desire to do the right thing.

I do notice that I have a greater understanding of the levels now and have engaged people from all different levels and observed some of them gain the experience that leads to the conscious realization that the world isn’t exactly how they thought it was, forcing their consciousness to the next level. You can coach others to the base of a higher level, but life and how they interact with the world will ultimately facilitate any transcendence.

Experience is what shapes the evolution of our consciousness, and that is something you will accept once you hit the willingness level. From there further transcendence requires experience.