Food + Me = Movement

I move a lot, not where I live, but I move about the earth as much as I can, a lot more than most of the people I know. It isn’t just that I cycle, run and hike, it’s that I like moving. I move now because I may not be able to in the future.

Anyway, is a great site that lets you upload your training data and view it online. They have a cool training load feature that, when your polar heart rate monitor watch is properly configured, graphs out your level of readiness for training and it will recommend when you should rest, train more or avoid high intensity training. It will summarize your training data by day, week or month, which gives you an idea of your training consistency and volume.

The month to month numbers are interesting to me. I burn between 10000 and 15000 calories per month. My heart rate stays above 80% for ~40% of the time. This is good news for me because I like to eat indiscriminately when it comes to refeed or cheat meals, and in general after training. Assuming I burn an average of 12500 per month with 80% of the energy coming from sugar, I need 2.5 kg of sugar to keep the movement going. This is just to fuel the activity, not EPOC or recovery / repair. That’s 70 Mars bars worth of sugar per month just for movement I am choosing to do. {70 Mars bars would contain more fat than I would burn with the amount of activity I am talking about here, but it would be fairly close once EPOC and recovery were factored in}

I eat other stuff like oatmeal, protein powders, dextrose, maltodextrin, granola bars, Gatorade, coffee, cookies, muffins, etc… because I can’t train with chocolate in my stomach but what I eat is the fuel equivalent to 70 chocolate bars or 2.5 bags of sugar and some fat (Oreo filling comes to mind). But if I’m ever curious what the potential for 1 month of training looks like, 2 boxes of chocolate bars and me about to eat them is an accurate picture.