Braces – The Second Wire

I’ve had my braces for a couple of months and they feel mostly normal now. Des told me about fishing a few years ago when Mitch landed a decent sized bass only to find an old lure sticking out of its mouth and few yards of fishing line twisted around the body and almost encased by the skin. The fish had escaped capture a year or two ago and had grown to full size in-spite of being all wrapped in handicap. Fish didn’t know, it just goes on like nothing is different, because nothing really is, it can’t remember a time without the fishing line and the mouth piercing.

So I’m kind of like the fish. I miss chewing, I remember a time when flossing didn’t take as long, and my mouth feels different, but I adjust, change my behaviors and go on with life.

The second wire is on now, it’s thicker and will just finish off the movement of the front teeth and continue the movement of the molars. Here are some interesting things about it right now:

  • How they work. The first phase is simple. Loosen and move the teeth forward to create the space needed to allow for proper alignment. This is done using a special wire that will try to return to its natural shape. It is attached to the brackets that are on the front of the teeth and over time the small amount of force it exerts loosens the root and allows the teeth to move. The wire was cut to length after it was put to the brackets so it is at its longest the day it is installed. As the teeth move, the wire returns to its natural shape. Since this is less jagged, it is shorter so the extra length seems to grow out to the back of each side – the wire ends come out further and further from the last bracket. It’s sharp, it cuts the mouth. You know it’s working though, so that’s pretty cool.
  • How quickly they move the front teeth. Doctor Nick estimated 3 months to straighten the front teeth. The top ones have been straight for about 3 weeks now and the bottom are about 2/3rds of the way there. I can see the appeal of the 6 month braces and they should be considered if your bite suffers only cosmetic concern.
  • I need to supplement my diet with more fat because I am not eating as much meat or seeds/nuts, my conventional sources of fat. My skin got really bad and the cream I use didn’t seem to do anything. When I thought about the way I had been eating, and the way I’m looking, it became evident that I’m not getting nearly enough fat. Carbs are easily turned to mush so I’ve been eating a lot more of them. A high carb, high protein, high activity life style will make you lose weight in a hurry. I’m about 160 lbs and about 6.5% body fat, which isn’t my intention. I’m starting to get an idea of what it would take to get into contest shape for a body builder and frankly, it isn’t pretty. Sean has suggest that I start eating stews and soups loaded with the foods I need but have trouble chewing. They’ll soften down and give my digestive system a good head start on breaking them down.
  • Smiling is easier than it has been in a very long time. When I smile, I feel the braces and they remind me of what the teeth are going to look like in the future, so I smile more. In my head I’m already there because all that needs to happen is for time to pass. Whatever, it’s nice to be able to smile without thinking about it again.

Some physical changes, some behavioral changes and a whole lot of life being exactly as it was before.