Stuff I Can Do With My Future

Texting Tony a few weeks ago about my life now that I’ve given-up my compulsive behaviors and he asked what I was going to do with my future now that it is no longer my past.

I passionately replied with:

Whatever I want! Write a few books, learn a bunch of stuff, eat well, date, marry a partner, buy a house, travel, start a charity, volunteer, become a public figure, coach people through life changes, ride my bike up bike mountains, get my teeth fixed, hang with friends, be inspiring, get therapy, get my body functioning, laugh, smile, shamelessly dance, go to weddings of friends, see my old girlfriend start families, be grateful for having lived, loved and still love so many beautiful people,….

Then I went to the Landmark Forum (LMF) and realized that I had already started it a few weeks ago after I got off the phone with Sean, Jeff, Heather and Kate having cleared-up my concerns about attending. Something funny happens when you commit to a different future, some doors close while others open.

On March 21st, a few days before I went to the LMF, I had an amazing conversation with one of my bosses about my intentions and she gave me a very clear indication of the vision that is to become a future. My intentions are not a big part of that, so I let her know how grateful I was for her honesty because it set me free. Gone was my created possibility and almost immediately I found that new possibilities were already opening in front of me.

It’s funny how acting boldly, decisively and authentically by announcing your intentions can actually slam shut doors that were holding you back for doing something new and creating the possibly of a more meaningful life.