Learning To Play Your Brain

Just wanted to follow-up on my comment last night about not doing the home work.

Regard the LandMark skills as learning to play a musical instrument. It’s going to take 10000 hours of practice before you are an expert.

You’ll get good after a 1000.

You can become proficient after 200 or 300.

You can show some improvement after 75.

In the company of others, you will show some signs of progress after 20.

There is a reason why we’re always invited to the open house nights, the advanced nights, the such and such nights and that is because they offer us practice. They provide us hours that move us towards the 10000. The reason why we’re encouraged to enroll others is because they can help us work towards the 10000.

My stern comment about wasting your life if you aren’t doing the homework is just my compassionate way of saying speed things up people. I want the same boost in productivity in your life that I have had in mine so the world gets better. If you need me to tell you to do your home work and to say you’re wasting your potential by not doing it, it’s because no one else is being as forceful because they don’t care as much. They’ll let you be average because your being average makes their average seem better.

In a few months our ride together is going to end. You’ll read about me, some of you may even pay to see me talk, buy one or more of my books and tell people that one Monday night, a number of years ago, you heard me sounding off about wasting your life and it actually pissed you off enough to get you moving.

Or I could just be some as$hole from your past.

You have 10000 hours to work towards and you aren’t going to get there by doing one a week.

It’s your future, you can learn to play your brain like the perfectly developed instrument it is or you can let it play your body for a fool. It’s up to you.

What are you going to choose?