“Your Body Is Your Vessel” - Reading Your Mind

Drinking, ironically, when Tony said “your body is your vessel.”

In many ways, the contents of your body represent the sum total of your choices and your path through life.

Those before and after anti-meth ads are effective because they quickly show the impact of certain decisions. Ruined faces fill-in information about how someone got to where they are.

Being lean or muscular or having a nice body implies a certain level of something that most people do not have or do.

A slow grinding walk, with fallen shoulders and dropped head says a lot about the mood of the mind and the body, and even more about the decisions being made on their behalf.

A constant vacant smile and a lack of presence or connection with other people reveals a chaotic thought stream, which may be functional, is also a flood of open loops and unreconciled issues.

The scars, the bruises, the plastic surgery, the dental work, your words, your intentions, the spontaneous thoughts, feelings and actions, the planned, the controlled, the free movement about the planet tells a story about how you got to be where you are today, the contents of your mind, the actions of your caregivers, friends, and self.

Your body is your vessel, and it is so much more. It reveals your most intimate details and leaves you open to be read like book with big letters and few polysyllabic words - it is all there, written about the faces, bodies and movements of others, it’s all there for EVERYONE to read. You are obvious, and it’s fine, we all are.

2 Responses to ““Your Body Is Your Vessel” - Reading Your Mind

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    June 27th, 2012 22:58

    The problem that I`ve encountered — at from my experience, what most people are guilty of as well — is that we`re not formally trained in it. In fact, I`d wager there`s a certain stigma to it. However, the skill is either overlooked or assumed. We are in a hyper-stimulated world… and it`s virtually impossible to `be in the moment`(ie. present) — the state that allows us to pay attention to those details (ie. the information one`s body conveys). But most of us eventually learn it`s importance… whether for personal or professional purposes :-)

    But you have to learn and condition yourself to pay attention… which is much easier to do when you `shut up and listen` — and watch and feel. I guess that`s what the call ├Čntuition — and we all have the ability for it.

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    June 30th, 2012 01:55

    Hi Tony!

    Thank you for your comment and contributing!

    There is a survival advantage to being able to read people based on their appearance. It we are able to know something about others we can game them. But when the other person knows how to make us think something, we get gamed.

    Sharp intuition is a great still to have, and one that takes many years to get good at. I’m guessing that you are getting very good at feeling peoples states based on their posture, muscle tone and other physical manifestations. I’m curious to see how this skill develops of the months and years to come.